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Breaking news: St. Paul folk label Red House Records sold to a Nashville company

Latest update: John was singing two songs on "Great Day Tampa Bay" on WSTP TV in Tampa, Florida ( January, 22, 2018) // John Gorka live at the tpt Almanac tv studio (Feb2, 2018) // John Gorka live at Wild Rose Moon (Plymouth, Indiana, November 4, 2017   Lastest update: John Gorka live in Germany (great concert) // Live on Crossroads (NL) // John Gorka live on WMNF 88,5 FM (Tampa, Florida (Jan. 22, 2018)   Lastest update: John Gorka Interview by Ross Raihala, Pioneer Press // eight reviews True in Time  



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After a period of two years John Gorka came back to the Netherlands in February 2016 for five shows and a videosession for this website.   Feb. 17-21, 2012 John Gorka did 5 great shows in the Netherlands and he made a brand new videosession. Click on the photo for 21 vidoclips and a lot of photos   The John Gorka tour in the Netherlands took place from Dec.r 12, 2013 til Dec. 16 You can see 22 videos and photos from the tour and the 2013 videosession   On December 16, 2013 John Gorka recorded the fourth videosession for this website..


From the early Godfrey Daniels years til now... 11 CD reviews, live broadcasting, videos, interviews, etc.   Pages about Prince, John Jennings, Willem Leeuwenhoek, Pete Seeger, Ann Marsden, Bill Morrissey, Jack Hardy & Bob Feldman...   The Gypsy Life Fansite This is a link to the first John Gorka fansite made by Cynthia Susan Finn and Paula Bryn Benson (1999-2006)



Recorded in the dressingroom at Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on December 15, 2010   An interview about John Gorka and a live version of 'Where No Monument Stands'. Recorded in the Hague, the Netherlands, April 25, 2012.  

An interview I did in the Hague in May 2009 with John about his music and family life



39 tracks! Latest update: Ad Vanderveen "Another song" CD: Denver Nevada (Feb 2018)   Last update: 500 miles (Hady West song) live on "Out of the Woods Radio (April 15, 2016)   Nearly 50 artist who played John his beautiful songs ( Lucy Kaplansky, Mary Black, Antje Duvekot, David wilcox, Daithi Rua, etc etc)   Nearly 50 John Gorka covers by his fans on YouTube!


John Gorka Tourdates and several links.
  The second tour from John in Lithuania (Eastern Europe): Tai-as Festival 2012 with articles, videos and photos.   John made a new "Top Ten" in December 2012 and the John Gorka videowebsite made the multi media lay-out of it...   Last update: 48 great Red Horse photos live at TCAN Centre for Arts in Natick, MA. (January 6, 2012)


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