Give Us Back Our Water (A Letter to Charleston)
A brand new song from John Gorka about an environmental issue in WV happening now. Freedom Industries based in Charleston, WV accidentally allowed a chemical leak into the Elk River that has poisoned the water supply. The following is John's reply.

Live on Mountain Stage

Original Show Date: February 2, 2014

Radio Broadcast: April 18, 2014


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Tim Fees
Freedom industries is just a two week old company. I find the name they chose ironic. I think we should have free access to clean water. All of us.

21 Feb 21:48

John Taylor
It's a circus here. After they flushed many of the 100+ year old water systems there are still people that can't even use it to bathe or do laundry. The governor has basically told us to suck it and is now trying to open up landfills to dump fracking waste from Pennsylvania in them. A coal slurry ruptured last week dumping hazardous waste into another river not far from Charleston. It's not going to change as long as the majority of the people here continue to embrace the "coal camp" mentality. It's a shame because this is a beautiful state and was once one of the largest repositories of fresh water on the east coast.

21 Feb 21:55

Tim Fees
Oh man! I was unaware of it until just recently. What mess. I hope John's song and the media can raise awareness and get the right people to do something. Pete Seeger was able to clean up the Hudson, but it took gaining a lot of support, building a sloop to sail the river, and time to change people's mentality.

21 Feb 22:01

John Taylor
Yeah, we don't get much press coverage. Our state has been disenfranchised for so long people here wear their suffering like a badge of honor. Anything good for the environment or the people is called a job killer and dismissed and our state is run by "democrats" so you can imagine how batshit crazy the republicans here are.

21 Feb 22:10

Tim Fees
Was that the Dan River, John? That was on the news tonight. Just watched it. That coal slurry in water is disgusting!

22 Feb 1:27

John Taylor
No, the Dan river is the North Carolina spill. It was worse than the one here last week. I think it was the same company though. Even after the environmental regulations of the 1970's cleaned up a lot of the rivers and streams, places like Logan county where the Hatfields and Frank Hutchison lived are still black with coal dust.
22 Feb 1:37

John Gorka
I'm glad you could hear the laughter about the rolling noggins
22 Feb 23:16


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