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14th homemade video (July 5, 2020)

On July 5, 2020 John wrote:
"Home Video # 14 ó Unblindfold The Referee is a song from my 2006 CD Writing In The Margins. I hope you like it! "

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John Gorka - Unblindfold The Referee  



Writing In The Margins RHR194D





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Unblindfold The Referee

Got just enough sun to light my way
Just enough cloud to give me shade
Over my slow-down parade
One-man band at the barricade

One last stand of make believe
One good memory I can retrieve
One more devil that I will deceive
One less reason that Iíd rather leave

Unblindfold the referee
Donít ask the wind what became of me
I tend to stray from the pedigree
Left off my sentence in Tennessee

Need more strength, so Iím not afraid
Need a scale, legal for trade
A length of rope with a tighter braid
Enough of a crowd so I can still get paid



A tailored suit that wonít go to trial
Bring your regrets, put them on the pile
Trust these mountains to be here awhile
Lend me your shoes, Iíll walk a mile

In the indictment I wasnít named
Though you know Iíll get the blame
I lost the ticket that wasnít claimed
Iím still here and Iím not ashamed

Over here
Over here
My eyes are shot
But my visionís clear

With just enough sun to light my way
Just enough cloud to give me shade
Over my slow-down parade
One-man band at the barricade Em
One-man band at the barricade


On June 28, 2020 John wrote: Home Video # 13 - Based on a WWII era poem by Elma Dean, this is a song that goes out to all the ones who didnít come



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