On October 4, 2020 John wrote:"
Blue Chalk is todayís One Song Concert and Home Video #27. It was 1st recorded on Maura OíConnellís Stories CD, as well as my CD Between 5&7. It was also sung by Lucy Kaplansky on our Red Horse project. I hope you like this version!

John Gorka (Between 5 & 7 photo from 1996)


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..Blue Chalk  


Blue Chalk (Lyrics)

So I wonder how she's doing
I hate it when the rumors fly
They give off such a strange sense of mission
Wing your helplessness on high

But she would never run from strangers
She sang alone like a bell will toll
Way above the clang and the clatter
Out of fear of her demon soul

Maybe none of this is my business
And none of what I hear is true
I am far from the mint condition
Circulation's hard on you

Hold tight, hang tough
Love's not enough
To keep you off that stuff


To save you... to save you... to save you now

He could always find the holes in the bottles
Even with a blindfold on
Never kept his seat on the wagon
Rolling off like a rolling stone

Blue chalk between his fingers
Hustling a poolroom song
He always kept a line for the singer
Pointing his cue right from wrong

Hold tight, hang tough
Love's not enough
To keep you off that stuff


  Between Five and Seven is as the name suggests, the sixth studio album by folk singer-songwriter John Gorka. It was released in August 1996. It is the last of the five albums Gorka recorded for Windham Hill/High Street Records before returning to the smaller, Red House label.



..Blue Chalk - Maura O'Connell
............... CD: Stories
      ..Blue Chalk - Lucy Kaplansky
............... CD: Red Horse -2010
(Red Horse project)






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