John Gorka Video Session

Recorded February 21, 2012
The Hague, The Netherlands



Photo: Jos van Vliet






The third

John Gorka

Photo: Willem Leeuwenhoek








I am glad John did a videosession for this website for the third time. I asked John to play these five -not so common- songs.

- Potter's Field (Jack Hardy)
- Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)
- Don't Judge a Life, Song for Bill (John Gorka)
- She's That Kind Of Mystery (Bill Morissey)
- Lady came from Baltimore (Tim Hardin)

Four of these songs are covers. I think this is a very good session. I hope a lot of John Gorka fans will like this 20 minutes special.

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I would like to thank Daan for his hospitality and Joanna for making this possible. Ofcourse I also would like to thank John Gorka for his wonderfull music and I hope he will come to Holland again soon!!

Jos van Vliet

Photo: Jos van Vliet   Photo: Jos van Vliet


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