John Gorka's European Tour 2017   Sunday Oct 23 - Sunday Oct 29, 2017


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- October 22, 2017

  Amer (the Netherlands)
Cultuur café De Amer
Amen 20, 9446 PC Amen
- October 23, 2017  
Oentsjerk (the Netherlands)
Folk in de Walden (Landgoed Stania State)
Rengersweg 98 B, Oentsjerk, Friesland
- October 24, 2017  
Bergen op Zoom (the Netherlands)
(with Edo Donkers)
Café & Vestzaktheater Het Zwijnshoofd

Moeregrebstraat 18 4611 JC Bergen op Zoom
- October 25, 2017  
Den Haag (the Netherlands)
Musemix Concertreeks @ Soc. Engels
Koningin Emmakade 4-5b, 2518 JR Den Haag
- October 26, 2017
Terheijden (Br) (the Netherlands)
Witte Kerkje, TerHeijde
Hoofdstraat 1, 4844 CA Terheijden (NB)
- October 27, 2017  
Oldenburg (Germany)
Wilhelm13 • Musik- und Literaturhaus Oldenburg
Leo-Trepp-Str. 13 (ehemals Wilhelmstr.) • 26121 Oldenburg
- October 29, 2017  
Dedemsvaart (the Netherlands)
Gashouder Podium
Oude Zuidwolderstraat 13, 7701 AZ Dedemsvaart


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