Photo: Ineke Leeuwenhoek  





October 22, 2017
Cultuur café De Amer
Amen 20, 9446 PC Amen


October 23, 2017
Folk in de Walden (Landgoed Stania State)
Rengersweg 98 B, Oentsjerk, Friesland


October 24, 2017
Crossroads (with Edo Donkers)
Café & Vestzaktheater Het Zwijnshoofd

Moeregrebstraat 18 4611 JC Bergen op Zoom

John Gorka & Edo Donkers - I Shall be released
Live in Bergen op Zoom,
recorded by Theresa Holster

"I Shall Be Released" is a 1967 song written by Bob Dylan. The Band recorded the first officially-released version of the song for their 1968 debut album. The song was also performed near the end of the Band's 1976 farewell concert, The Last Waltz.

Branching Out
Live in Bergen op Zoom,
recorded by Kees Holster

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On October 25, 2017 John Gorka recorded his 6th videosession in the Hague for this website.
John Gorka played four songs for this videosession. The three other new songs will be available in January/february 2018.
Red House Records will release the new John Gorka CD in that period!

Brown Shirts
This song was released on the 1992 CD Temporary Road






October 25, 2017
Musemix Concertreeks @ Soc. Engels
Koningin Emmakade 4-5b, Den Haag

The Sentinel




October 26, 2017

Radio performance
"40UPRadio" and "Noord Holland Radio" with Jan Donkers, recorded in Amsterdam

Click here to listen to the 35 minutes with John
Playlist: I'm from New Jersey, I saw a stranger with your hair, Outnumbered, Where the bottles break, Good Noise
Photos Joanna Serraris





October 26, 2017 Witte Kerkje
Hoofdstraat 1, 4844 CA Terheijden (NB)







October 27, 2017

Wilhelm13 , Oldenburg
Leo-Trepp-Str. 13 26121 Oldenburg

I will edit a couple of other video clips later
when I have the Radio Bremen recordings.

It was a great show in Oldenburg. The audience loved John Gorka because they wanted a lot of "zugabes" and John loved the Germans after 23 years because he played nearly 2,5 hour!

Radio Bremen wil broadcast the whole show on December 23, 2017 between 22.00 -24.00 (European time).

Click here for the John Gorka article on the Radio Bremen website.



The Gypsy Life
.....Live in Oldenburg






    October 28, 2017 ...Back to the Hague for a walk on the beach....







October 29, 2017 Gashouder Podium
Oude Zuidwolderstraat 13, 7701 AZ Dedemsvaart
Photos Gashouder: Jos van Vliet


John Gorka played "Carnival Knowledge (Second Hand Face)" in the "Gashouder" in Dedemsvaart during his tour in the Netherlands in October 2017. He didn't play this song (from his 1994 "Out of the Valley" CD) live for 20 years.
That's way this is the first "Carnival Knowledge" live clip on internet.

Carnival Knowledge



Brown Shirts     Love is our Cross to Bear





Click here for information about the CD "Denver Nevada"   Photos recording session Ad Vanderveen: Ineke Leeuwenhoek






October 31, 2017  





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For the second time in Eastern Europe... : John Gorka at the Tai-as Festival 2012 in Lithuania .

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  John Gorka live in Italy (2010): John Gorka and Michael Manring at the acoustic guitar meeting Fortezza Firmafede, Sarzana, May 21, 2010

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