John Gorka in Germany..
at Wilhelm13, Oldenburg, October 27
, 2017

Opening of the evening by Paddy Maindok
.........John Gorka: Land of the Bottom Line





It was the first time afer 23 years that John did a live show in Germany. In 1994 Radio Bremen zwei also taped the show in Bremen...



Soundcheck photos at Wilhelm 13 made by Jos van Vliet



.........John Gorka: Silence

John Gorka: The Dutchman  

John Gorka: Where the Bottles Break  

John Gorka: Vinnie Charles is Free


John Gorka: Gypsy Life




John Gorka live at Wilhelm 13 recorded by Radio Bremen zwei

Click here to listen
(or download) the radioprogramm (nearly two hours) broadcasted December 23, 2017!



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