All tracks have been digitally mastered
using HDCD technology.

John Gorka:vocals, guitar, banjo
Lucy Kaplansky: vocals
Dean Magraw: acoustic guitar
Peter Ostroushko: mandolin, fiddle
Michael Manring:
: bass
Andy Stochansky:drums, percussion
John Jennings: percussion, acoustic & electric guitars,
keyboards, acoustic bass, drums

Producer: John Jennings; John Gorka

CD After Yesterday .

1. When The Ice Goes Out .......(. Preview)
..2. Thorny Patch . .......(. Preview)
..3. Cypress Trees . .......(. Preview)
..4. Wisdom . .......(. Preview)
..5. Silvertown . .......(. Preview)
..6. January Floor . .......(. Preview)
..7. Amber Lee . .......(. Preview)
..8. After Yesterday . .......(.Preview)
..9. When He Cries . .......(. Preview)
10. St. Caffeine . .......(. Preview)
11. Zuly . .......(. Preview)
12. Heroes ........(. Preview)

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About: The 12th song Heroes
(by MrFizyx on Wikipedia):

"Heroes" was actually written by Gorka sometime in the 1980s. Gorka's copy of the lyrics were stolen, however, and the song was forgotten until Gorka relearned it from Hugh Blumenfeld a decade later. Blumenfeld tells this story:

"I learned 'Heroes' from John in Kerrville - I think it was 1987. He was camped next to my wife Andrea and me in an enclave that had been dubbed 'Little New York.' I forget when we first heard the song, whether it was there or earlier in NYC, but it was at Andrea's request that I learned it. The song was brand new and we both loved it as soon as we heard it, but Andrea was the one who wanted to sing it. So, one bright midmorning when things in the campgrounds are lazy and slow, John passed over his notebook and I copied out the words. Soon afterwards, the notebook - along with his guitar - was stolen from his car and never recovered.

Andrea and I sang it at home from time to time during the next ten years - our own private little treasure. It never occurred to either of us to ask John about it, until I opened for him at Godfreys in 1997. It was only then I learned that the song had been lost in the notebook and that he'd forgotten it long ago. So I was able to play it for him downstairs in the dressing room before the gig and write him out a copy of his own lyric."


A review written for The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Moshe Benarroch
Edited by Roberta B. Schwartz (Copyright 2000)

After Yesterday is Gorka's seventh CD, and his second for Red House. His debut, I Know, was also recorded for this label, so numerologists and mystics can say that Gorka has come full circle. It was his second CD, The Land Of The Bottom Line (Windham Hill, 1990), that really launched Gorka's career, and was, in many ways, responsible for the revival of interest in singer-songwriters in the nineties. The Land Of The Bottom Line is one of the top ten folk CD's of the nineties, and if you are reading this it is improbable that you don't have it yet, but if you don't go and get it.


In the song After Yesterday, Gorka sings about being a father:

I've spent most of my life as a luxury
Now I have taken the role of a necessity

If this is the process that Gorka has gone through in his life, he has done the opposite in his music . He has become a luxury. A great singer, songwriter, arranger, and half producer (with J. Jennings), his music is very beautiful. Playing this CD endlessly, I still didn't find he was the necessity he was as the angry young man of The Land Of The Bottom Line." After Tomorrow is mostly a quiet and acoustic venture, with four or five musicians, and very beautiful harmony vocals by Lucy Kaplansky. It is a CD you can hear any time of day, either as background music, or you may choose to listen more closely to the lyrics.


In Cypress Tree Gorka sings about the changes in a woman's body when she's pregnant, and afterwards,
and describes the changes in his life when the child is here. It's a beautiful love song:

I have watched her body changing shape
The new eating, craving patterns
It seems everything is turning round
Including everything that matters

Every new father and mother will see him or herself in this description of the changing of one's priorities. I wonder what happened to the song Let Them In which appeared in the Red House sampler House On Fire 2, and why it is not on this album. It is such a beautiful song - maybe next time. After Yesterday is another great recording in Gorka's very consistent discography, but I get the feeling that this is another "dessert" CD, like his three previous CD's, and that he could deliver the main course. Not a masterpiece, by Gorka's standards, but still one of the best albums of the year.





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