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..Listen to John Gorka (50 seconds)......John says he knew nothing about this CD

01. Looking Forward
2. Jack's Crows
3. Blue Chalk
4. I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair
5. Lightning's Blues
6. The Gypsy Life
7. Silence
8. Armed With A Broken Heart
9. Vinnie Charles Is Free
10. Where the Bottles Break
11. That's Why
12. Furniture
13. Houses In The Fields
14. When She Kisses Me
15. The Ballad Of jamie Bee
16. I'm From New Jersey
17. Italian Girls


17 songs reissued by
Windham Hill Records
(John Gorka his old record label)





From the Windham Hill News page:


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Part of an interview in The Post-Standard:

"Pure John Gorka" is a "best-of" compilation due out on Windham Hill Records on June 27. "It's hard to describe as a greatest hits thing. . . . The songs were picked to make a good record upon itself. A best-of, with my favorite songs, that would not make a good record to listen to. My favorites would be too slow," he says.

So he trusted Dawn Atkinson, who produced two of his albums, to pick the songs for him. But that wasn't until he had substantiated that it was coming out at all. "I didn't know about it until I got a call from the copyright department of Sony/BMG," he says.

"I called them back and said, 'I have a record coming out?' I found out the story behind it, they're putting out a series from Windham Hill artists." "Writing in the Margins" is a studio album on Red House Records that will be released July 11.

... Read the whole interview from june 1, 2006: Gorka brings world of folk music to town

Windham Hill Series: PURE On the path, throughout the journey, across the globe, and always at home, PURE is a meditation in sound. Bringing together the evolution of a unique genre in the history of music, the Pure Windham Hill series represents the essence of its most acclaimed artists. From fluid instrumentals, invigorating textures, and sensual styles, these songs, artists, and catalogs invite you to explore what defines the Windham Hill experience. The PURE series honors a tradition in ground-breaking music and its nuanced evolution, perfectly poised to capture an absolutely contemporary era of expansive listening horizons. In stores May 23rd: PURE Jim Brickman PURE Will Ackerman PURE Tuck & Patti PURE Mark Isham PURE Shadowfax In stores June 27th: PURE Micheal Hedges PURE John Gorka PURE Liz Story PURE Nightnoise PURE Alex de Grassi Whether you¿re a transcendental tourist, an urban Bodhisattva, or simply seeking an oasis in sound, PURE is your escape, anytime and anywhere. This is elevated listening. A retreat from the everyday. A gift to your senses. THIS is PURE



Pure John Gorka, like the other titles in Windham Hill/Legacy's straightforward Pure series, aims at a distillation of its subject's career and gets it to-the-point right. Here you'll find all the underappreciated folkie's favorites -- "I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair," "When She Kisses Me," "Looking Forward" -- plus lesser-known meditations on sensitivity and vulnerability such as "The Ballad of Jamie Bee" and "Silence." As might be expected with any collection of Gorka's songs, a major selling point of this disc is its collaborators -- Gorka boasts a lot of great and supportive musical friends; among them Lucy Kaplansky, Shawn Colvin, Cliff Eberhardt, and Jennifer Kimball.



Tammy La Gorce,All Music Guide




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