John Gorka live at Fayetteville Public Library
February 10, 2017

This concert was organized by Pickiní Post radio show host Mike Shirkey and Fayetteville Public Library (Arkansas) on Friday, February 10, 2017.


The live stream was made by Fayetteville Public Library. These videos were edited by Jos van Vliet


On this video You can see an introduction by host Mike Shirkey of the Pickin' Post Show and the first three John Gorka Songs.




- Intoduction by Mike Shirkey
- Unblindfold the Referee
- I'm from New Jersey
- I saw a Stranger with your Hair




- Let them in


- Houses in the Fields








The encore...
- Semper Fi






We would like to thank KUAF 91.3 Public Radio
and Fayetteville Public Library for organizing this event.
Click here to donate KUAF 91.3 and click here to make a
gift to the Fayetteville Public Library Foundation.


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