.... John Gorka
Live the Aladdin Theater in Portland, OR.
March 13 2010
In concert with Patty Larkin

"Writing in the Margins" was reorded by David Zeller.
David also played a John Gorka cover a week after he recored this show. The Deja vu song was recorded by Mark Estes.
Photos: Seattle Daily Photo and Mark Estes


< Writing in the Margins


Patty Larkin & John Gorka sing "Had to Be (Deja Vu)" from Larkin's new album "25" >

Mark Estes wrote about this recording:

Patty specifically asked the audience to record this piece and sitting in the front, I happily did so. Wish I had a better camera. The quality isn't great but hope you'll get a small sense of what it was like... .





One day later:

Patty Larkin and John Gorka
live at the Triple Door , Seattle
March 14, 2010

"Had to Be (Deja Vu)" >

Recorded by Relliksmom: "Patty asked of anyone in the audience with a video phone would record this performance. I was too far back, but the audio is pretty good... you'll see the servers blocking your view a couple of times... still a great performance"





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