John Gorka live at Tales from the Tavern Feb. 13, 2013

Produced by Ron Colone & Carole Ann Colone;
Filmed by Henry Diltz, Gary Strobl, Arthur Osha and Ian Palmer;
Live sound by Tyson Leonard;
Audio recorded and mixed by D'nA On-Site Recording / Trumpet Vine
Sound; Video edited by Ian Palmer


John Gorka Live at Tales from the Tavern DVD.

The DVD has great humor, poetry, philosophy - and it is a great John Gorka concert recorded with four cameras!
Ron Colone about the DVD: "We are so excited - this is a great DVD".





Tales from the Tavern
PO Box 1672,
Santa Ynez, CA 93460


Click here to go to the interview with John Gorka "Tales from the Tavern: He Said She Said" made by Ron Colone.

.Tales from the Tavern Television presents three great videos (recorded with four cameras)



Writing in the Margins ...>



Where the Bottles Break....>



I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair....>



photo by Jeremy Ball / Bottle Branding








.Photo by Ron Colone

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