Photo: Marianne en Gert-Jan Vos


John Gorka live in Italy

John Gorka and Michael Manring
at the acoustic guitar meeting
Fortezza Firmafede, Sarzana,
May 21, 2010

Click here
if you want to see John Gorka and Michael Manring at the
Pegaso Live Music Bar in Arcola, Italy, May 23, 2010 (7 videos)


I would like to thank Mariannne and
Gert-Jan Vos from Koedijk in the
Netherlands for making the videos and
photos from this special tour in Italy.

I saw a stranger with your hair >




John Gorka after the concert in Sarzana: "I played with Michael Manring tonight in Sarzana at the Fortezza Firmafede. I can't speak for Michael but it was the nicest castle I have ever played in. I am a fortunate fellow."


Snow don't fall >


Love is our cross to bear >




When you sing >



These photos were made by Roy McAlister (from "mca guitars")
The big photo: Portovenere, Italy....... The photo left above: John Gorka leaving Piazzo Teatro in Sarzana.....Roy McAlister about de lunch photos: " A group of great friends eating a very traditional home style Italian lunch. After every meal, John Gorka would play a few songs...simply amazing! John is probably one of the greatest songwriters alive today...such a treat!"

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