.. John Gorka
Live at the Appel Farm Folk Fest.
457 Shirley Road, Elmer NJ
June 1, 2013

These 7 songs were recorded "RevJim60"



Where The Bottles Break

Ignorance and Privilege




If These Walls Could Talk

People My Age




Photos John Gorka live at Appelfarm:




Baby Blues

Let them in




When You Sing


Jonas Beals in HispanicBusiness.com (June 5, 2013):
Music was playing the whole time. We didn't feel it was necessary to sit and listen intently if we didn't want to, but when we did, we were rewarded with some quality tunes.
Gorka played "I'm From New Jersey," and I shared in my wife's pride for her home state. I also shared Gorka's bittersweet ambivalence toward his home state. We had a nice time, and in this case, a nice time was incredible. It would not have happened without music, and would not have happened without the sort of music that allows for indifference. Not only is that a good way to unwind, it's also a good way to be pleasantly surprised.

Adrianna Hilborn in tristateindie.com (June 5, 2013):
Bouncing back and forth between two stages had me occupied all day. The smaller, more intimate Grove stage kept things in the acoustic singer/songwriter vein with performances from Joe Crookston & Peter Glanville, Aoife O’Donovan, John Gorka, Iris DeMent, and Colin Hay. It was definitely the place to chill out and listen to the great voices and stories that these artists have. John Gorka’s “I’m From New Jersey” was a crowd favorite. I also enjoyed the southern twang of Iris DeMent.

John Gorka live at Appel Farm 2013. ....Photo by Barry Lindenmuth Jr. or Adrianna Hilborn


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