John Gorka videoclips
The High Street Records John Gorka videoclips from the early nineties
and a number of television appearances from the first half of the 1990s


Good 2'41".>
Live at Art Fein's Poker Party in 1991

John Gorka performance on Art Fein's Poker Party in 1991. Art Fein's Poker Party, the world's only rock & roll talk show, has been running on cable TV for over 25 years. Art Fein is a writer, producer, music programmer, music historian and rock aficionado.







Houses in the Fields 4'45".>
CD: Jack's Crows (1991) .





Good Noise ............ 3'15" .>
CD: Out of the Valley (1994)






I Don't feel like a train
3'10" >
CD: Temporary road (1992)




When She Kisses me
2'40" >
CD: Temporary road (1992)



Press compilation 1991-1992 >
I would like to thank David Tamulevich for the VHS video tape!

This is a High Street Records promo video. ( 7'14")

John Gorka's old label Windham Hill tried to make him "big". He told something about this period in "Willamette Week Music" (1999):
"Yeah, Windham Hill wasn't the place it was when I joined up [in 1990]. The people who brought me in had all gone--either left or were fired--and it was a different place than when I started, one I didn't want to be part of anymore. It became a power thing; they wanted me to listen to what they said, and I couldn't and shouldn't have. I'd done my first disc with Red House, and I've been friends with Bob Feldman at Red House all through the Windham Hill years. We look at music the same way--making a good record first, then worrying about the marketing later, not the other way around. "


John Gorka live on
"Austin City Limits"

The show was recorded 11/3/1992

Gypsy Life... ... >




John Gorka live on
"Austin City Limits"
The show was recorded 11/3/1992

Houses in the Fields








Mercy of the Wheels ..
....... 3' 45"
......... >

Television appearence in 1992




Introduction +...................
Temporary Road...
......... 4' 29"
........... >

John Gorka introduces and performs Temporary Road. From
BBC programme "Words And Music",
American Stories (Episode 2, 1994)

This is an old video in good quality



I'm From New Jersey and Good Noise ...11' 40"........ >

In this 1995 appearance on State of the Arts, John Gorka performs his classic Im From New Jersey and Good Noise. Host Amber Edwards talks with Gorka about his musical influences and the new folk movement.










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