John Gorka live at the 5th Annual Concert "Under The Stars"

Upper Merion Community Center, Pennsylvania (July 9, 1989)
John Gorka was 30 years old on these videos.

I would like to thank Nick Tufillaro for sending me these six videos.


Wings of the Harleys



Body Parts Song





Grace of Rain  

Grace of Rain



Oven of Love



Springtime in Pennsylvania



If you liked the 1989 video: It's also possible to watch a show John Gorka did in August 15, 1990 (21 songs total lenght 1 hour and 41 minutes!

Click here!

for John Gorka live at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle



Here is another version the song "Springtime in Pennsylvania" live at the Great River Folk Festival Lacrosse, Wisconsin

It was recorded at the Saturday morning workshop august 27, 2005. The quality of the video is not so good, but it a unique video made by Bryn, the music junkie. Thanks!

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