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20th homemade video (August 16, 2020)
"Arroyo Seco"
On August 16, 2020 John wrote:" "Home Video #20: Here is 'Arroyo Seco' , inspired by Eliza Gilkyson's Casa de Musica songwriters workshop near Taos, New Mexico. I wanted to try to capture the spirit of the workshop and the beauty of the area. They told me the names of the land features and the native people of Taos Pueblo who call themselves the People of the Red Willow. It was written from the point of view 20 years in the future, looking back at this period of great change. I hope you like it!

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.. John Gorka - Arroyo Seco  


John Gorka recorded this song in 2018 for his True in Time CD.

Here is a lot of informatin about this great CD on Red House Records.


John Gorka
Arroyo Seco (Lyrics)

It was a place where the hippies won
In the land of the Subaru
Where the dream was never done
And there still was room for you

In the valley of the Rio Grande
North of the Taos plateau
People there would lend a hand
And leave you room to grow, room to grow

It was back in ‘17,
The summer before the fall
Hope was being squeezed
By the bums who had it all

But there was music all around
Because the people dared to sing
You know they made such a sound
That they could face anything, any thing

Chorus 1:
Sun smoke and cottonwood snow
Some things only the Red Willow know
Arroyo Seco, New Mexico


Some made a little fire
So the big fire wouldn’t burn
The word rose like smoke
And the winds began to turn

Above the Taos plateau
In the valley of the Rio Grande
Lo a new sound low
Resonated with the land, with the land —

In a place where the hippies won
And a Subaru would do
The hard times came on
Harder than they ever knew

But they would build again
With sand, clay and straw
They found a new well within
And made an even deeper draw, deeper draw

Sun smoke and cottonwood snow
Some learn what the red willow know
Hondo and Seco, New Mexico
Land of enchantment, New Mexico



e ones who didn’t come



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