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.. John Gorka
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Portsmouth, NH.

Recorded June 1, 2012


Welcome. My name is Shawn Henderson - host/producer/editor of the new television show - "Stay Tuned". As you can see, the show is a video representation of my actual radio show, which coincidentally also happens to be called "Stay Tuned".

If you are interested in hearing the actual radio show, it can be heard every Friday afternoon from 1:30pm to 5:00pm (EST) on WSCA 106.1 FM in Portsmouth, NH or streamed at The goal of the radio show, and now the television show, is to bring awareness to the working and traveling musician. I've interviewed hundreds of fantastic musicians over the years and last year I started filming the in-studio performance with the intention of creating this television show. Well, the day is finally here (after many false starts . . . of my own creation mostly). The show went on the air in December of 2012.

This episode features one of my all time favorite songwriters. I credit John with getting me into "Modern Folk" music. I first heard him close to twenty years ago and became an instant fan. His lyrics moved me like no other singer/songwriter up to that point. His vocal delivery had a deep resonance with me and I found myself being complelled to explore the so called new "singer/songwriter movement".

I hope you enjoy the show.. And please do not hesitate to leave feedback or comment on the show or the band.

This is a wonderful version of Bill Morrissey's song.
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She's That Kind Of Mystery

Click here to listen to Bill his version from the Album "Standing Eight" (1989)

Branching Out


Part Of Your Own

Shawn Henderson from "Stay Tuned"

If These Walls Could Talk


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