.. John Gorka
Live at The Ark
316 S. Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
July 26, 2015
video made by Andrew Rogers, Photos by Fred Ellert
The Ark's 50 Year Fling:

Songcrafters in the Round, feat. Peter Yarrow, John Gorka, Vienna Teng, & Robbie Schaefer.
Songmakers from The Ark's beginnings to the present day
Ever since the early days of The Ark, when Peter Yarrow and Peter, Paul & Mary ruled folk stages, the club has been about the art of the song: about nurturing songs that tell the stories of our experiences. Through the New Folk movement of the 1980s and 1990s, when John Gorka's personal and often bemused songs transfixed Ark audiences, to the legendary Ark shows by Robbie Schaefer and his vitally irreverent band Eddie from Ohio, to the remarkable piano-to-electronics odyssey of Vienna Teng, who served notice that the Michigan revival was real when she moved from California to Detroit—new songs that matter have come to life on The Ark's stage. And best of all, these hugely creative artists have all been making great new music over their entire careers!



Ignorance and Privilege




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