A concert to help folk legend and one of Godfrey Daniels founders, Dave Fry with his medical bills. Featuring David Bromberg, John Gorka and Dave Fry.



John Gorka
Live at Dave Fry's Band Aid

Charles Brown Ice House
56 River Street
Bethlehem, PA
June 26, 2013


Recorded by Hub Willson

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Photo: Rosalie Fry   Photo: Rosalie Fry
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The Arts Scene in Bethlehem, is All About Family

Last Wednesday, I had a chance to sneak into the Ice House for a quick peek on a legendary event. I was only able to stay for one song (dang over-commitment habit), but I saw enough to be in awe of this community.

The event was a benefit concert for one of Bethlehem’s most amazing musicians and great human being; Dave Fry. Lots of folks from the arts community were there – almost just about everyone. I saw so many familiar faces, and a ton of folks I know were there because of their love of the man of the night. You see, Dave Fry needs help. He’s got some ridiculous medical bills and some of his closest friends decided it was time to help the guy who helps so many.

It was an incredible evening of love. The music was great. Dave’s stories were funny (even new). And we got to hear some amazing music from John Gorka, David Bromberg, Ansel Barnum and Dave.

As I was collecting thoughts for this post, just reading Dave’s Facebook Page is like a great big hug; not gushy, over the top narcissism. Dave works his butt off, plays his heart out, and never has a bad word to say about anyone. He gives his all no matter if he’s playing to a crowd of grown ups, or hundreds of kids in a school assembly.

If you’ve seen a school assembly, you know how hard it can be to keep 200+ grade schoolers engaged. You want to know tough audiences? Kids can be brutal. But never with Dave. Why? Because he loves them. He knows they love his music.

The kids know he loves them, too. It’s pretty obvious just by watching
them dance to his music. I’m proud to say we have both of his kids’ CDs, “I Like Peanut Butter” (1998) and “Shake It” (2001). True story; for my kids’ 4th birthday, we hired Dave to play a little concert at the Lehigh University Child Care. I just couldn’t take another hour at Chuck E Cheese (Can you say Dante’s Inferno?). It was so cool to have the kids wiggling around, dancing, singing, being silly (*gratuitous historical image at the bottom of post). When it was over, we packed up and went to our favorite pizza parlor. Singing Dave’s


songs all the way to our hot and cheesy pie.

Why do I burden the reader with a tale of family? Because Dave became part of ours at that birthday party. My kids now go to Holy Infancy School, just down the street from Godfrey Daniels. Dave goes to this school often. We might even hear some stuff from the school on his next album – which, BTW, was funded by Linney Fowler before she died. How cool is it that she saw enough community good in Dave’s work, that she helped him cover the studio recording and production costs. Putting together an album of music is a leap of faith. Linney had faith in Dave Fry. And I have faith that this community will come through for Dave, too.

Dave’s health is “doing fine,” (his words) but there’s still those nagging medical bills. If you have a little bit to give, here’s how you can help out the guy who is nothing but pure joy in this community. Here is how you can make a still make a donation.

Mail your check (payable to Dave Fry) to Godfrey’s address, 7 E Fourth St, Bethlehem 18015. Or
If you have a PayPal account, send contributions directly to Dave’s PayPal account, via his email address DaveFryMusic@juno.com.

If you need a little motivation to pull out your wallet, or check your bank account, enjoy this video of John Gorka’s song (see above this article) , composed just for the occasion.


Gratuitous Historical Image March 21, 2007

photo by S White


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Dave has lots of friends. Lots of good friends. Here’s just a couple: From left to right, that’s Terry Mutchler, John Gorka, David Bromberg, and Dave Fry. Even getting Hub’s picture for this post is a sign of love and support for Dave. All I had to do was ask – Hub delivered. Same as getting into the balcony to take a quick shot of the crowd before the concert started. All I had to do was ask – and respectfully do what I said I would do – write this post.




Photos by Hub Willson
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Two years later , April 30th, 2015, David Fry played "That's How Legends Are Made" at Musikfest Cafe, (ArtsQuest Center, 101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, David Fry was opening for Tom Paxton that evening).

Ofcourse you know that this song was written by John Gorka.