John Gorka 2012 tour in the Netherlands .-. February 17 - 21, 2012

    John Gorka in Nw.- en St Joosland (Zeeland)....... Photo: Jos van Vliet

John Gorka just after the video session in the Hague....... Photo: Jos van Vliet




Friday February 17, 2012

John Gorka live at Muziekpodium Bakkeveen


Saturday February 18, 2012

John Gorka live at
In the Woods
Lage Vuursche


Sunday February 19, 2012

John Gorka live at


Monday February 20, 2012

John Gorka live at
Het Witte Paard


Tuesday February 21, 2012
John Gorka videosession
The Hague

John Gorka his third session for the videosite: five songs (20 minutes)

Tuesday February 21, 2012

John Gorka live at
Theater de Wegwijs

Nieuw & St. Joosland


The 2012 videosession in the Hague .......Photo: Jos van Vliet




Other European highlights in the past five years


If you like this page you might be interested in the first John Gorka video session I recorded October 25, 2008 or the house concert in The Hague oct 25, 2008. In October 2008 John also played for the first time in Bakkeveen, Lage Vuursche and Venlo and on VPRO radio. Click here for more information.


The 2009 tour started in Belfast (N. Ireland). John played at "The Errigle Inn" on May 28. One day later he did a show in Rathfriland (N. Ireland) in "The Bronte Music Club". Click here for a review

In the weekend he did two shows in the Netherlands: On saturday May 30 John
played on the main stage at "The Naked Song Festival" in Muziekcentrum Frits Eindhoven.

The last show from this 2009 European tour will took place in "Het Nutshuis" in the Hague on May 31, 2009. It was a private party. I also did an interview with John (20 minutes) . Click here for more information about the 2009 tour.


John played in Italy in May 2010 and he went to (eastern) Europe again in October 2010 to play at the „Tai – aš” festival in Lithuania
Click here for more information.

In September 2010 John Gorka came again to the Netherlands. Click here if you want to see John in serveral clubs. On September 6, 2010 John did his second video session for this site.


Click here to find alot of information about John Gorka his second tour in Eastern Europe in October 2012

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