.. ...John Gorka Video Session
Recorded December 16, 2013
The Hague, The Netherlands

Photo: Willem Leeuwenhoek




This is the fourth John Gorka videosession for the John Gorka video website. New songs this time. Three of them will be part of the new John Gorka CD "The Bright side of Down" (release date: March 4, 2014): She's that kind of Mystery", " Don't Judge a Life" and "Thirstier Wind" . The 4th song is brand new. It is the Frank Sinatra / Johnny Cash song "Love's been good to me", written by Rod McKuen. The session was recorded December 16, 2013 in The Hague, The Netherlands.







The fourth John Gorka videosession

Three week before John Gorka came to the Netherlands I asked him if he wanted to make a new videosession for this website. I asked him to play new songs. I am glad he did it...

- Don't Judge a Life. (written by John Gorka)
She's That Kind Of Mystery .(written by Bill Morissey)
- Thirstier Wind
..(written by John Gorka)
- Love was Good To Me..(written by Rod McKuen)

I would like to thank Daan for his hospitality and Joanna for making this possible. Ofcourse I also would like to thank John Gorka for his great music and I hope he will come to Holland again in 2015!!

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Photos: Willem Leeuwenhoek    




The story behind "Love was Good To Me"

Willem Leeuwenhoek

When John came to the Netherlands, Willem Leeuwenhoek was very enthusiastic about the Frank Sinatra version of "Love's Been Good To Me". John stayed for a week in the Hague and he learned the song in a couple of days and played it for the first time "in public" for this session. "Love's Been Good to Me" is not included on the new CD "The Bright side of Down" (March 4, 2014) , but I hope this song will also be part of JohnGorka his setlist/CD in the future.

Just like in 2008 in the Hague the idea came up to play 'The Dutchman" (The wonderful Michael Smith song) for the first time...



Track four from the session: John Gorka - Love was Good To Me    




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