John Gorka
live at
"Het Nutshuis"

the Hague , the Netherlands
February 5, 2016

A benefit concert for his friend Willem
Leeuwenhoek. Willem passed away in 2014.

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Leeuwenhoek passed away".


Photos Jos van Vliet and Mick Ellerbeck


On this webpage you can see part one and part two of this special concert. When you scroll down you can see five separate highlights of this evening. John Gorka wrote in his newsletter in September 2015: "One of the Holland shows will be in honor of my dear friend, Willem Leeuwenhoek, who we sadly lost last November and is missed by all who knew him".


John Gorka live at "Het Nutshuis"
........Part one (38 minutes)

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........Setlist Part one:


00:00 - 05:27
05:27 - 10:08
10:08 - 13:00
13:00 - 16:40
16:40 - 20:05

20:42 - 24:05
24:05 - 27:08
27:08 - 30:40
30:40 - 33:50
33:50 - 38:21

Introduction "Willemavond" by Peter ter Horst
I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair
Where No Monument Stands
Mean Streak
Night is a Woman
Christmas Bells
Don't Judge a Life
Branchin Out




John Gorka live at "Het Nutshuis"
........Part two
(63 minutes)

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........Setlist Part two:

.........Cameras: Jaap & Jos van Vliet
...........Video editing: Jos van Vliet

00:00 - 03:25
03:25 - 07:37
07:37 - 11.55
11:53 - 13:53
13:53 - 17:21
17:21 - 21:46
21:46 - 25:45
25:45 - 31:10
31:10 - 36:18
36:18 - 40:58
40:58 - 45:33
45:33 - 50:58
50:58 - 1:06:55

What was That
Love was Our Cross to Bear
The Bright Side of Down
When He Cries
Thirstier Wind
You Don't Know Me
Baby Blues
Where the Bottles Break
Let Them In
The Water is Wide
Good Noise
Love's Been Good to Me
Ineke Leeuwenhoek ("Thank You Speech")






You don't know me ...... Click on Youtube settings for high quality (1080)

"You Don't Know Me" is a song written by Cindy Walker based on a title and storyline given to her by Eddy Arnold in 1955. "You Don't Know Me" was first recorded by Arnold that year and released as a single on April 21, 1956.

Ray Charles made the song famous, in 1962 "You don't know me" reached the second place in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.



Where the Bottles Break

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Let them in

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The Water is Wide

........Click on Youtube settings for high quality




Love’s Been Good to Me,

.......Click on Youtube settings for high quality


This song is (not yet) recorded by John Gorka. It's the Frank Sinatra / Johnny Cash song "Love's been good to me", written by Rod McKuen.

Willem Leeuwenhoek asked John to play this song for the John Gorka videosession we recorded December 2013...






Click here if you want to see the 2016 videosession. Recorded at Ineke (and Willem) Leeuwenhoek's home on February 8, 2016.


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