John Gorka in Germany..
at Wilhelm13, Oldenburg, October 27
, 2017

Opening of the evening by Paddy Maindok
.........John Gorka: Land of the Bottom Line





It was the first time afer 23 years that John did a live show in Germany. In 1994 Radio Bremen zwei also taped the show in Bremen...



Soundcheck photos at Wilhelm 13 made by Jos van Vliet



.........John Gorka: Silence

John Gorka: The Dutchman  

John Gorka: Where the Bottles Break  

John Gorka: Vinnie Charles is Free


John Gorka: Gypsy Life




John Gorka live at Wilhelm 13 recorded by Radio Bremen zwei

Click here to listen
(or download) the radioprogramm (nearly two hours) broadcasted December 23, 2017!





Click on the article of the left:
Harald Mönkedieck from Radio Bremen did an interview a couple of hours before the show in Oldenburg. Bremen Zwei broadcasted this interview June 23, 2018

(9 MB, 128 KBPS, 10 min)

Click here for another Radio doc about John Gorka made by Harald Mönkedieck. (5,5 MB,
6 minutes)




Bonus: John Gorka live in Schauburg, kleiner Saal Bremen,Germany September 19,1994
Download this show (54 MB, 140 KBPS)
Listen to this show (20 Kbps, 54minutes)

Playlist (Nordwestradio Globale Dorfmusik) Live:
01 Furniture
02 B.B. King Was Wrong
03 Carnival Knowledge
04 I'm From New Jersey
05 Land Of The Bottom Line
06 Baby Blues

07 That's Why
08 Good
09 Always Going Home
10 Where The Bottles Break
11 Mystery To Me
12 Love Is Our Cross To Bear
13 Branching Out -fades out-



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