A lot of John Gorka
passed away...

John Gorka about Prince

I never heard John Gorka talking about Prince in interviews but just a week before Prince died John talked about the recording of his 1996 CD "Between 5 and 7" in Out of the woods. The recording was done at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, Minnesota. Paisley Park is southwest of Minneapolis and was the studio owned by Prince.

John played "When Doves Cry" April 22, 2016 in The Alberta Rose, Portland and June 3 on WNCW



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John Jennings, Producer of three great John Gorka records, dies at 61


(October 17, 2015)


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Willem Leeuwenhoek passed away. (November 2014)





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Pete Seeger dies at 94

Article about Pete Seeger (plus several Pete seeger songs by John Gorka) January 28, 2013




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Photographer Ann Marsden dies at 55

Ann Marsden died July 8, 2012 after a long fight with cervical cancer. She made mostly all the "official" John Gorka photos. Ann made beautiful photos, we shall miss her ......



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"Bill Morrissey, 59, folk troubadour passed away"



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"Jack Hardy passed away on March 11, 2011"


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Bob Feldman died
January 11, 2006

For over 20 years Bob swam against the tide as president of an independent record label - Red House Records in St. Paul. I He was a true music fan who simply wanted to share what he had found, and he did it in spite of astounding odds against the success of small record labels in the 80ís, 90ís and today. Those with equal energy but less heart would have given up early. Bob didnít. Maybe he couldnít. Bob Feldmanís impulse to spread around the music he loved turned out to be a great gift that weíll continue to enjoy, even as we mourn his passing.
......Read more about Bob Feldman



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