Tour tip: John Gorka

Louis Nouws
March 21, 2019

Heaven has always been a fan of John Gorka, the American singer-songwriter with the poetic lyrics and the beautiful baritone. In fact, since his formidable debut album I Know from 1987 with songs such as I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair and Love Is Our Cross To Bear. Many albums followed. The counter is now at almost twenty. You have to be a big fan to buy all of them. I am a big fan and I have nine albums. It is a bit like a singer-songwriter's fate. She or he always adds ten to twelve songs to an - in the case of Gorka - certainly impressive - oeuvre, but these songs are not very different in terms of sound and approach. And in the long run, such a musician becomes a little out of the picture, overwhelmed by new names and talents.

But when someone of the caliber John Gorka visits our country again, that is a great opportunity to renew an acquaintance. And for those who don't know him yet, Gorka is - besides a songwriter from the highest category - an performing artist who knows how to fascinate, which is not obvious. He is always willing to play that one song that is your favorite. Especially for you.

John Gorka live:

-April 4 at Theater De Wegwijzer, Nieuw and St Joosland;
-April 5 at Xinix Poppodium, Nieuwendijk;
- April 6 at In the Woods, Leusden;
-April 7 at De Oude Veiling, Aalsmeer;
-April 8 at Meneer Frits, Eindhoven;
-April 9 at Podiumcafe Peter en Leni, Steendam .