Top10 Favorites John Gorka

New Jersey-bred folksinger John Gorka, who now lives in Marine on the St. Croix, sent out his Top 10 Favo-rites of 2007. Even though his list stretched to 33 items, we couldn't resist publishing it:

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John Gorka live at Kerrville Folk Festival 2007 Photo: Jim Dirden
1. Favorite CD: Mavis Staples' "We'll Never Turn Back."
Favorite new club: Ragamuffin
Music Hall, Roswell, Ga
3. Favorite house sound system: Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas.
4. Seeing Anais Mitchell live.
5. Visiting the Woody Guthrie archives.
Collaborating with
Woody Guthrie.
7. Collaborating with William Stafford.
8. One of my all-time favorite singers liked my CD ("Writing in the Margins").
9. Beginning the "Longing for Eliza" show with Cliff Eberhardt and Eliza Gilkyson.
The Sierra Leone Refugee
All Stars
DVD. It should be
required viewing for every
over-privileged U.S. musician.
11. Cowboy stories where the good guys fight and win.

12. Which means any of the 30 odd Louis
L' Amour stories I've read this year.
13. Didn't have to vote against anyone this year.
Seeing Jonathan
15. Finding out that slightly overweight people live longer.
16. Releasing a hi-def, high resolution surround sound DVD ("The Gypsy Life").
17. Hearing it on my brother-in-law's home theater system because I do not have one.
18. Didn't get abducted by aliens this year.
Singing with
Antje Duvekot
20. Getting to hear Cape Breton and other Nova Scotia songwriters and musicians at Stan Rogers Festival in Nova Scotia.  
21. 360 or so naps taken.
22. Finding out nappers live longer.
23. Didn't bomb Iran yet.
24. Playing in Jersey City, N. J., land of my people.
Singing with
Rose Cousins.
26. Public finding out the dangers of optimism.
27. The bright side of pessimism coming to light (things generally turn out better than you thought they would).

28. Angelina, Britney and Paris agreeing not to call more than once a week.
29. Seeing, hearing
and performing with
Michael Manring
30. My mom turned 90
31. Having more favorites than I can remember.

Our kids still like us.
33. Singing and doing shows with Meg Hutchinson, Drew Nelson and Amilia Spicer .

Meg Hutchinson


On his own site John Gorka made a longer list.
Here are the numbers 34 till 36:

34. Concert for
Bob Feldman,
St. Paul, MN

35. One of my songwriter heroes learning one of my songs.

36. Seeing how vast and varied the country is and marveling that it is not more divided and fragmented than it actually is.

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