John Gorka takes a Martin
on the road.



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the September 2001 No.105
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What they play

John Gorka’s main road guitar is a Martin OM-28VR equipped with a Martin Gold Plus under-saddle transducer and an internal Crown condenser microphone. The Martin pictured on the cover of The Company You Keep is an early ’50s 0-17. Gorka also plays a small-bodied rosewood Larrivée, outfitted with the same electronics as the OM-28VR, and a Lowden LSE-1 cutaway that pairs the Crown mic with an EMG under-saddle pickup. On stage, he runs all his guitars through a Rane AP-13 preamp blender with two channels of seven-band equalization. Everything gets strung with D’Addario phosphor-bronze lights. Gorka doesn’t use fingerpicks in performance but does in the studio, along with various gauges of large, triangular Dunlop Tortex flatpicks.

Other instruments include an early ’70s Baldwin Ode banjo, a concertina, a harmonium, and several electric keyboards stocked with MIDI modules. His many home-recording rigs include an MCI JH110 eight-track analog reel-to-reel and a Roland DM800 hard-disk recorder.

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